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Gaming in virtual reality – a new gold rush ? 

Posted by on Jan 19, 2016

Gaming in virtual reality – a new gold rush ? 

Gaminghas always been the most competitive region for collecting awards and prizes. Each year we have new games, which bring interesting and new features. Every serious gamer will talk about the features in new games but also about bugs or suggestions that could improve gaming experience and bring it on the new level. But rarely anyone talks about hardware, which is the most important aspect in gaming world.

Components for virtual reality

No pain – no gain – no good hardware – no gaming experience. This is still not a big problem, since not a lot of us can afford a beast-computer that is made for virtual gaming. When I say virtual gaming, I think of gaming in virtual reality. I5 processor, 16 GBs of ram and GeForce GTX 980 is hell of a configuration, which will run the majority of games on high settings. But gaming in virtual reality requires a lot more than that.

virtual-reality-gaming-e1333563802903Gaming in virtual reality requires rendering at higher frame rate than usually, which means that  there is no place for lagging. If you don’t meet this, you will have choppy movement and delayed reaction that will produce nothing but nausea and bad experience. In order to avoid these problems, you need hardware that can execute three times more calculations than for normal gaming, otherwise you will get nothing but a poor quality gaming experience. That is why Nvidia created a VR program – feature that some of the new Nvidia graphic cards have, which is a starting point for hardcore gamers who would like to try virtual reality gaming. Have in mind that this “badge” costs around $600.

Is it worth ?

Some of the Nvidia team members said that this was kind of gold rush – it still requires a lot of research and work, but it definitely has potential. The problem is in the price of the specific chipsets that will be able to create and successfully render virtual reality. People will not spend too much money on hardware that is marked as the fountain of virtual gaming if they can run a game with their regular PC. Another problem with this virtual gaming (roughly said) is a lack of space.

rm10.14_virtualrealityBasically, you would need someone to follow you, holding cables to prevent you from falling and tripping over yourself. And there is no way you can convince someone to hold your cables while you are exploring the landscapes of Nepal. The only one solution for this so far is some kind of specially designed headset, connected to computer that will give you everything you need for good gaming experience.

NVIDIA GameWorks

As I have said, gaming in virtual reality is something really big, but it definitely requires a lot of work and improvement. I hold an opinion that in about 5-10 years we will have efficient gadgets, which will create an excellent virtual reality, without need for hiring someone to hold you if you go downstairs with the VR helmet on your head.

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